krystieebooo asked: K,Q,Z,S,R ?

K - a song I know all the lyrics to: Remembering Sunday - ATL

Q - a song to drive to: Highway to Hell - ACDC

Z - a randomly chosen song: Love Her Madly - The Doors

S - a song by a band of your choice: idk what this means…lol…but I’m gonna recommend you listen to anything by Lindsey Stirling 

R - a song that I’ve listened to lots of times recently: Classic - MKTO

Send me a letter and I’ll recommend you a song.

I - a song that gives me butterflies: Bright Lights - Matchbox Twenty

Send me a letter and I’ll recommend you a song.

wave-emoji asked: e, m, t, x

E - a song by a band I’ve seen live: Home - OneRepublic 

M - a song that hasn’t got a video but I wish it had: Stay Awake - ATL

T - a love song: I Only See You - Benton Paul

X - a cover: Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus cover) - ATL

Send me a letter and I’ll recommend you a song.

One of those days.

First, Alex replied to me on Twitter. To normal people that seems so insignificant but it was really cool as a long-time fan. Plus his reply was really sweet. Second, the day after that happened I forced myself to listen to ATL on my 4-hour drive home. To clarify, I’m having one of those weird phases where I’m bored/sick of all the music I own. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever had one of those. They suck and I usually find my way out by forcing music on myself. So I did that with my favorite band in the world, and I fucking loved it. All their music is friggin’ good and I don’t understand how I could ever forget that. So after all that, I just had one of those days where I couldn’t get these four boys from B-more out of my mind. I missed that! We’ve had so much drama in the fanbase recently with all this 5SOS shit going down that I’ve been avoiding really engaging with other Hustlers or even thinking about the band. I kinda also discovered Doctor Who about a month back and it’s become my whole life (you know this if you follow me on twitter—so many apologies if you do). 

Moral of the story: life gets in the way sometimes, but I always manage to find my way back to this dumb band. 

And that makes me stoked beyond belief.

Hope you’re all doing well and getting pumped for their UK tour! If you have tickets, I wanna know! I also wanna hear if you got Wembley tickets! Can’t wait to see all your lovely faces on STD2!!! 

Also shout out to those of you who’ve started school already. If you ever need advice, just holler. I’m a junior in college and an honors student, so I know my shit ^.^