cuntswithcuts asked: preach! I couldn't agree more with you about 5sos


Anonymous asked: Hey there! I just wanted to tell you that what you wrote about 5SOS is literally EXACTLY what I thought too! Finally pleased that someone else understands! No - I'm not saying that music is BAD, it's just not my taste; and they are clearly pop. And, on another note, I love your blog! I hope you're having a good day.


Thank you, and I hope you are too! <3 

alltimelowaremyfuckingheroes asked: First off, congrats on actually listening to them before saying anything. Mature thing to do, I've seen a lot of people say shit when they don't even know the band. Second, I agree with you 100%. I like them, kinda, but they're aren't punk and I think it's a shame. As far as I can tell, they're talented and could be an awesome punk band, they just aren't that right now.

I’m in the same place. Like, it wasn’t bad but I was struggling to find something unique and…satisfying??? about their sound. 

Anonymous asked: why do you hate 5sos so much. youre such a bitch theyre talented and loving and i hate you kill yourself



this is the only time im going to say this.

i do not hate 5sos. i have never said that. i have never said or will ever say that they are not talented. i respect them as a band. 

even if i did hate them, i could use this ask alone as an excuse why. I could say i hated them because they produce FANS WHO TELL PEOPLE TO FUCKING KILL THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY THINK FOR A FRACTION OF A SECOND THAT SOMEONE ELSE’S MUSIC TASTE IS DIFFERENT THAN THEIR OWN.

Defending something you like is one thing, but telling them to kill themselves is so fucking unacceptable. Way to represent your fanbase there, you fucking twat. 

It took a lot of effort but I decided that if I’m going to critique 5SOS I need to actually listen to them. So last night I listened to their new album on iTunes and here’s what I have to say:

How the hell do people even compare them to ATL? I listened to it and thought I was listening to One Direction. It wasn’t bad but 1) it wasn’t what I personally like and 2) it’s not pop-punk? I went into it thinking “oh I’m being too hard on this band blah blah blah” but I was so shocked. Regardless of whether or not they take inspiration from such and such bands or whether or not they wrote with Alex, they’re not pop punk. They’re pop. Straight up. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all! But I don’t get why these two bands are even grouped together.

Please chime in if you’d like; I always welcome input from the other side. 



all time low have demos already?

all time low have demos already?

all time low have demos already?




can we stage an intervention for alex gaskarth he used to dress so cute in skinny jeans and cardigans and now he out here in giant farmer hats and ill fitting blazers and hasnt changed his jeans in 34 years

so I sent this to alex as a screenshot and this is what he had to say


Anonymous asked: can you do those drawing for pierce the veil??

I’ll consider it! My creativity has been waning lately since I’m working full time and taking a class…but if I have time I’ll wing it and see what happens :)

That reminds me, I need to scan my drawings and re-upload them so they look better…

Birthday Blog of the Month!

Hey guys! Hope all is well. There was an an explosion of awesomeness this week: the APMAS and ComiCon! Holy shit, man. So many cool things in both the pop-culture and the music world :)

Speaking of cool things…I TURN 20 NEXT MONTH! In honor of my birthday, I’ll be holding my first ever blog of the month contest! Stay tuned for more info!

xoxo Jen